Eating Disorders and Self-Love

Food Freak-Out

Live in the Present

Learning to Love Myself

Diet Foods

The Struggle to Remain “Food-Positive”

A Book Review: “Unbearable Lightness” by Portia de Rossi

My eating disorder journey and how I overcame binge eating


What would the world be like if women stopped obsessing about weight?

A Food Guilt Misstep


Learning to Say No

What Food is Really For


Working on Me

What am I Afraid of?

Depression Diaries

Depression Diaries Part 2: Antidepressants

My Food Philosophy

Have  a Love Affair with your Food

A Change of Pace

How I [accidently] started loving running

Should I talk about my eating disorder in my medical school application?

What I’ve Learned [from running]

Nothing is Permanent

I will survive

I am beautiful…and you are too.

Celebrate the Small Victories


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